Chairman Sekajipo Warns Operators Against noncompliance with Licenses and Permits Terms and Conditions

The Chairman of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission (LERC) Dr. Lawrence D. Sekajipo has called on electricity operators to strictly adhere to all “Licenses, Permits and Authorizations” terms and conditions and warned that failure will lead to punitive actions as provided for in the 2015 Electricity Law of Liberia and the Electricity Licensing Regulations.


Dr. Sekajipo reiterated that the Commission was established as the independent electricity industry regulator under the 2015 ELL and that law also prescribes the legal and regulatory framework for the sector.


Speaking recently at a press conference at the Commission’s headquarters in Congo Town, Dr. Sekajipo pointed out that LERC has been engaging electricity self-suppliers operating at various thresholds.


“And that the purpose of the engagement is to create awareness and sensitize self –suppliers about the work of the Commission and encourage them to come into compliance with the Electricity Law and Regulations”, he asserted.


He noted that “this will allow the Commission to populate the database of operators and facilitate the registration, licensing and permit process”.


Commenting on the recent US$10,000 fine imposed upon the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), the LERC’s Chairman pointed out that the decision was reached following the failure of the Corporation to comply with reporting obligations of their licenses as stipulated in the terms and conditions.

“The Commission’s decision to impose monetary fine against the LEC is in accordance with “Section 6.12 (Noncompliance/Penalties and Fines)” of the 2015 Electricity Law of Liberia (ELL) and Regulation 12 (Penalties and Fines) of the 2020 September Electricity Licensing Regulations (ELR), he told journalists at the news conference.  

He told journalists that the Commission has completed the following regulations as required by law: “Electricity Licensing, Micro Utility Licensing, and Electricity Licensing Handbook, Administration Procedure, Tariff and Multi Year Tariff Methodology and Customer Service and Quality of Supply”.


The Commission has drafted the “Distribution and Grid Codes” and comments are being solicited from stakeholders and electricity operators in the country.


He also informed journalists that in keeping with law, the LEC has submitted an application for tariff and said the application is presently under review by the Commission’s technical team.

So far, the Commission  has issued six licenses to the LEC that include: a) Generation- Thermal, b) Generation–Hydro, c) Distribution, d) Transmission e) Transmission System Operator, f) Import; Small Composite Micro Utility Permit to the Totota Electric Cooperative (TEC) to operate a mini-grid in Totota, Bong County, and a Large Micro Utility Distribution License to Jungle Energy Power(JEP) for the Nimba distribution area.