LERC builds Staff Capacities

Staff members of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission (LERC) since it began operations continue to benefit from several high level in-house trainings in electricity regulations provided by Millennium Challenge Account (MCAL) Liberia and European Union Long Term Technical Assistance (LTTA) consultant embedded within the Commission.

The EU LTTA consultants provide daily hands on training and technical support to LERC staff in the three key units within the Commission: Legal Licensing and Public Affairs, Economic Regulation and Technical Regulation. These training activities include drafting electricity regulations, developing tariffs and technical regulations, licenses among others.

In October 2020, LERC staff also benefitted from a two-day virtual course “Introduction to Electric Utility Systems for Non-Engineers” offered by EUCI based in the United States of America and funded by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCAL) Liberia.

The course provided a non-technical introduction to the fundamental concepts that form the basis for the design and operation of the integrated electric utility system. The fundamental concepts underlying legacy electric power systems and how integrated electric utility system are.